Get Inspired to Write with These 12 Christmas-Themed Writing Prompts

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I struggled to come up with a suitable post for this week. Everything I came up with either seemed unexciting or not helpful for writers. Worse, I felt distracted by writing assignments, holiday preparations and a pending snowstorm.

Christmas time can inspire all sorts of stories. So it seemed fitting that I share with you one final gift for this holiday season – holiday-themed writing prompts. If you’re stuck writing and need some inspiration, maybe one of these ideas can drag you out of your writing slump.

Without further ado, here are my 12 Christmas-themed writing prompts. Enjoy!

  1. Write a story about a young woman who invites a friend for Christmas dinner at her parents’ house. But there is something distinctly different about her friend (like exceptionally pointy ears, for example).

  2. Write a story about something that happens during a performance of The Nutcracker, whether it happens backstage, onstage with the performers or in the audience. It could be two people having an argument, a mishap on stage, or a costume malfunction.

  3. Write a story about a dysfunctional family traveling together out of town for the holidays.

  4. Write a story about a couple enjoying the sights and sounds of Christmas or out shopping when they unwittingly witness a crime.

  5. Write a story about someone receiving a gift from a loved one that that they either don’t like or don’t want or need. How do they respond to the gift giver?

  6. Write a story about a group of people who participate in some sort of Christmas-themed contest – ugly sweater, scavenger hunt, window decorating, etc.

  7. Write about a character who, amidst running Christmas errands, runs into an old friend, former classmate, or former flame that they have not seen in nearly a decade.

  8. Write a story about a harried store clerk working during the Christmas rush.

  9. Write a story about a good, old-fashioned office Christmas party in which the CEO or a colleague makes an unusual announcement.

  10. Write about a New Years’ Eve celebration when festivities don’t go as planned.

  11. Write a story about a group of strangers that get stranded together somewhere on Christmas Eve due to a snowstorm, a power outage, closed roads, etc.

  12. Write a story about the filming of a Christmas movie – in the middle of the summer.

Merry Christmas and happy writing!

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